Ingham County Prosecutor - Family Support Unit

The Ingham County Family Support Unit (FSU)

The Family Support Unit (FSU) is a division of the Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Office. The (FSU) provides a variety of child support services under the Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act. The primary goal of our staff is to ensure that every child is supported by both of his or her parents. Services include the filing of new court actions to establish new orders of paternity, orders of child support, and pursue criminal non-support cases. Once an order establishing child support is entered by the court, the case will be referred to the Ingham County Friend of the Court (FOC) for enforcement. If you have questions about an existing order of support, please refer to the Ingham County Friend of the Court handbook, and/or contact the Ingham County FOC by email or call (517) 483-6103.

General Questions & Answers

What Establishment Services does FSU provide?

Who does FSU represent?

How to Start a Case?

Who is eligible for IV-D services?

What does CP and NCP mean?

Custodial Party (CP): What is required

Non-Custodial Parent (NCP)

Establishment of Paternity - What does that mean?

Why is Establishing Paternity Important?

How can Paternity (legal fatherhood) be established?

Why is an Order of Support Needed?

How is Child Support Calculated?

What is Included in the Order of Child Support?

What happens at a Settlement Conference?

Parenting Time: Can the court order include parenting time provisions?

Non-Cooperation of CP - How to avoid or restore?

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