Domestic Violence Unit

Ingham County Prosecutor's Office
Domestic Violence Unit

The mission of the Domestic Violence Unit is to reduce family violence in the Ingham County area by providing direct services to the victims of crime.  Our goals include:  enhancing the awareness of domestic violence and crime victim's rights under the law, and improving the safety of survivors of domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Unit will assist the victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process by providing the victim with criminal justice advocacy, emotional support, information, referrals to community resources, and safety planning.

Support for Victims

  • Provide court support for criminal court hearings.
  • Provide outreach calls to victims to notify them of upcoming court hearings and case status.
  • Participate in safety planning with victims, including providing information on PPOs, local domestic violence shelters and other support services.
  • Per victims’ request, contact employer or school when victim is subpoenaed.
  • Assist victims in signing up for jail release notifications through MIVINE.
  • Provide follow-up after disposition to facilitate closure and provide referrals for further support after the case is closed.

Provide Information and Education

  • Call victims when domestic charges are issued based on a law enforcement agency warrant request.
  • Assess victim needs for housing, financial, emotional, legal, and medical needs, and provide referrals for services.
  • Educate victims on the dynamics of domestic violence and identify power and control tactics.
  • Educate victims on the criminal justice process and the steps involved.
  • Provide victims with information and assistance in applying for Crime Victim Compensation.

Promote Victim's Rights

  • Provide information on hearings, case status, and case dispensation.
  • Provide information and assistance in activating victim’s rights and filling out victim impact statements.
  • Educate victims on how to exercise their rights, including ways that they can participate in prosecution and consult with the assigned Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the case.
  • Assist victims in signing up for phone notifications, if they prefer, for hearing notifications.
  • Assist victims in gathering documentation for restitution requests.

Facilitate Criminal Justice Response to Victim Needs

  • Update victim information in order to facilitate notifications and other communications.
  • Accompany victims when meeting with the prosecutor assigned to their casse.
  • Connect victims with other criminal justice professionals for further assistance including prosecuting attorneys, court probation and parole departments and  law enforcement.
  • Arrange interpreters for criminal court hearings for victims with limited English proficiency.
  • Provide information and support from case initiation through disposition.


For assistance, please contact:
Maria Valayil
DV Unit Coordinator
Ingham County Prosecutor's Office
(517) 483-6259

This project is supported by Grant No. 20636 - VA-GX-0016 awarded to the Ingham County Prosecutor by the Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission. The agreement award of $151,042 ( 80 percent of the project), comes from the Federal Crime Victims Fund, established by the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 administered by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The Ingham County Prosecutor provides the required match valued at $16,321 by the use of volunteers (1,484 volunteer hours).