Ingham County Prosecutor's Office

Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office Assignments and Contact Information

Main Number: (517) 483-6108
Prosecutor's Family Support Unit: (517) 483-6540

The direct numbers listed below are in the 517 area code

Carol A. Siemon
Ingham County Prosecutor
303 W. Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48933

Carol A. Siemon, Prosecutor
Sidra Alvi-Waller, Executive Assistant - 483-6272
Mike Cheltenham, Chief Assistant Prosecutor - 483-6236
Cathy Haskins, Administrative Assistant - 483-6270
John Dewane, Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor - 483-6219
Scott Hughes, Juvenile Justice/Community Outreach Coordinator - 755-6438
Our prosecutors:
 Heather Adamo (Public Defender Liaison) 483-6232
 Elizabeth Allen (Judge Draganchuk, Circuit Court) 483-6271
 Randy Behrmann (Unit Chief, Circuit Court) 483-6249
 Patricia Ceresa (MI Attorney General's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, or SAKI) 483-6217 
 Mike Cheltenham (Chief Assistant Prosecutor) 483-6236
 Salina Choice (Judge Lawless, Family Court) 483-6200
 Elena Cisneros (Judge Alderson, 54-A District Court) 483-6517
 Natalie Clinkscales (Judges Ball & Larkin, 54-B District Ct.) 483-6207
 Bill Crino (Homicide/Gun violence) 483-6208
 Kahla Crino (Unit Chief, Appeals) 483-6228
 Jasmine Davis (Judge Simmons, 54-A District Ct.) 483-6230
 John Dewane (Deputy Chief Assistant, Screening) 483-6219
 Ryan Edberg (Family Support) 483-6216
 Teddy Eisenhut (Crimes Against Children Unit) 483-6225
 Joe Finnerty (Judge Canady, Circuit Court) 483-6262
 Laurie Freed (Unit Chief, Family Court; Judge McCormick) 483-6204
 Aylysh Gallagher(Domestic Violence) 483-6205
 Ben Hall (District Court & Screening) 483-6233
 Christina Johnson (Unit Chief, Crimes Against Children Unit) 483-6229
 Steve Kwasnik (Judge Dunnings, Probate Court) 483-6210
 Jennifer Lawton-Pace (Judge Jamo, Circuit Court) 483-6267
 Angela Mina Lloyd (Unit Chief, Family Support) 483-6261
 Nattalie Macomber(Judge Hillman, 55th District Ct.; Animal Control) 483-6251
 Chris Martin (Drug Addiction Response Unit) 483-6227
 Joel Martinez (Judge Garcia, Probate Court) 483-6264
 Robert Marshall (Judge Ward, 54-A District Ct.) 483-6218
 Giacomo Mattioli (Family Support) 483-6247
 Nicole Matusko (Unit Chief, District Court; Judge Allen) 483-6231
 Jaime Nelson (Judge Allen, 55th District Court) 483-6214
 Adam Pfeiffer (STOP Domestic Violence project) 483-6226
 Sarah Pulda (Unit Chief, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Unit) 483-6265
 Kristen Rolph (Judge Aquilina, Circuit Court) 483-6223
 Jessica Shah (Screening & Appeals) 483-6211
 Carol A. Siemon (County Prosecutor) 483-6272
 Melanie Smith (Judge Alderson, 54-A District Court) 483-6221
 Andrew Stevens (Gun violence) 483-6252
 Guy Sweet (Appeals) 
 Angela Tripi (Judge Buchanan, 54-A District Court) 483-6237
 Victim-Witness Unit
 (by defendant's last name)
 A-G and V-Z Marissa Berry, 483-6258
 H-U Jessica Carls, 483-6238
 Juvenile cases: Elizabeth Savage, 483-6256
 Domestic Violence: Maria Valayil, 483-6259
 Diversion Program
 Jason Bartley, Coordinator - 483-6248
 Lisa Davis, Legal Secretary for Appeals and Diversion - 483-6235