Ingham County Prosecutor's Office

Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office Assignments and Contact Information

Main Number: (517) 483-6108
Prosecutor's Family Support Unit: (517) 483-6540

The direct numbers listed below are in the 517 area code

Screening and Circuit Court dockets are assigned on a rotating basis.
Please contact our office for information about who is handling any particular case

Carol A. Siemon
Ingham County Prosecutor

Carol A. Siemon, Prosecutor
Sidra Alvi-Waller, Executive Assistant - 483-6272
Mike Cheltenham, Chief Assistant Prosecutor - 483-6236
Cathy Haskins, Administrative Assistant - 483-6270
John Dewane, Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor - 483-6219
Scott Hughes, Juvenile Justice/Community Outreach Coordinator - 483-6253
Our prosecutors:
 Gary Adamo (Judge Garcia, Probate Court) 483-6214
 Heather Adamo (Family Support) 483-6232
 Elizabeth Allen (Judge Draganchuk, Circuit Court) 483-6271
 Randy Behrmann (Unit Chief, Circuit Court) 483-6249
 Patricia Ceresa (MI Attorney General's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, or SAKI) 483-6217 
 Mike Cheltenham (Chief Assistant Prosecutor) 483-6236
 Salina Choice (Judge Lawless, Family Court) 483-6200
 Elena Cisneros (Judges Ball & Larkin, 54-B District Court) 483-6517
 Natalie Clinkscales (Judge Buchanan, 54-A District Ct.) 483-6207
 Bill Crino (Homicide/Gun violence) 483-6208
 Kahla Crino (Unit Chief, Appeals) 483-6228
 Jasmine Davis (Appeals) 483-6230
 John Dewane (Deputy Chief Assistant, Screening) 483-6219
 Teddy Eisenhut (Crimes Against Children Unit) 483-6225
 Joe Finnerty (Judge Canady, Circuit Court) 483-6262
 Laurie Freed (Unit Chief, Family Court; Judge Baird) 483-6204
 Aylysh Gallagher(Domestic Violence) 483-6205
 Ben Hall (Judge Allen, 55th District Court) 483-6233
 Christina Johnson (Unit Chief, Crimes Against Children Unit) 483-6229
 Steve Kwasnik (Judge Dunnings, Probate Court) 483-6210
 Jennifer Lawton-Pace (Circuit Court) 483-6267
 Angela Mina Lloyd (Unit Chief, Family Support) 483-6261
 Nattalie Macomber(Judge Boyd, 55th District Ct.; Animal Control) 483-6251
 Chris Martin (Drug Addiction Response Unit) 483-6227
 Joel Martinez (Judge Simmons, 54-A District Court) 483-6264
Robert Marshall 483-6218
 Giacomo Mattioli (Family Support) 483-6247
 Nicole Matusko (Unit Chief, District Court) 483-6231
 Sarah Pulda (Unit Chief, Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Unit) 483-6265
 Kristen Rolph (Judge Buchanan, 54-A District Court) 483-6223
 Jessica Shah (Circuit Court) 483-6211
 Carol A. Siemon (County Prosecutor) 483-6272
 Melanie Smith (Judge Alderson, 54-A District Court) 483-6221
 Andrew Stevens (Gun violence) 483-6252
 Angela Tripi (Judge Ward, 54-A District Court) 483-6237
 Victim-Witness Unit
 (by defendant's last name)
 A-G Marissa Berry, 483-6258
 H-O Jessica Carls, 483-6238
 P-Z Shondell Strickland, 483-6256
 Juvenile cases: Elizabeth Savage, 483-6256
 Domestic Violence: Maria Valayil, 483-6259
 Diversion Program
 Jason Bartley, Coordinator - 483-6248
 Angela Morgan, Caseworker - 483-6213
 Lisa Davis, Legal Secretary for Appeals and Diversion - 483-6235