Here is an updated version of the stipulation:

Stipulation for Electronic Discovery - ICPA Carol Siemon 2017.pdf

July 8, 2013





I am writing to inform you effective July 15, 2013 our office will be instituting different procedures for electronic discovery.  We will now be using a solution called TrueCertify.  You will continue to send us your Appearance and the new attached Stipulation to


Once we receive your Appearance and Stipulation for each client we will send you an email with the link to TrueCertify.  You will then enter the File Locator and Public Key which is listed in the email.  This will allow you to access all the documents that were sent.  There will also be a letter from us indicating whether or not there are additional documents such as DVD’s or CD’s that we could not send electronically.  Supplemental Reports, pleadings, or other legal documents will be handled in the same way.  We will no longer be sending a Proof of Service because all the documents will be certified when sent.  


I have attached to this letter an updated Stipulation {Please see attachment with cover letter and stipulation form on this web page, directly above}.  This will allow our office to forward to you not only discovery, but other legal documents such as motions and informations electronically.  We are requesting that you not send us a hard copy of your Appearance and Stipulation or any other documents that you have emailed us.  This will help us quickly process your discovery requests without wasting time reviewing hard copies of paperwork received by email. 


Thank you for your attention to this matter. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at your convenience






Lisa McCormick

Chief Assistant Prosecutor